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About Cashmere-75

With its 1.8” pile height, 3/8” gauge, 17/10m stitch rate, 75oz Face Weight, and olive bi-color with green/brown thatching, Cashmere is free from fertilizers and pesticides, hypoallergenic, invulnerable to chlorine contamination, ideal for optimizing and functionalizing unused space around the home, requires no chemical cleanup, is designed to be used in low- to medium-traffic areas, and last but not least, saves money and water.

With a pile height of 1 3/4" and Face Weight 75 oz.yd2, Cashmere-75 is ideal for playgrounds. Its 2/3 Emerald Green color with Green and Tan thatching looks natural and realistic.

Cashmere-75 is the safest, most durable and beautiful alternative to the old playground surfaces. Often installed in public park’s playgrounds, kindergartens and schools, it can help to reduce a risk of injuries, and to provide safe and beautifully looking environment for children to enjoy while ensuring low maintenance cost.

Color: 2/3 Emerald Green with Green and Tan thatching
Manufacturer: Global Syn-Turf Los Angeles
Brand: Global Syn-Turf Los Angeles
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color 2/3 Emerald Green with Green and Tan thatching
pile height 1 3/4"
turf gauge 3/8"
face weight 75 oz.yd2
total weight 75 oz.yd2
stitch rate 17/10 cm
stitches/m2 17850
Roll Size (feet) 13' x 100', 10' x 25'


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